While exercising can open you up to a whole new world of feeling good and motivated about who are becoming, it can also crack open a whole can of worms. It can be difficult to deal with people bringing you down when all you are trying to do is get yourself up and where you need to be. Both mentally and physically.

Today we will be going over what you should be avoiding as you go through the biggest challenge of your life: losing weight.

Avoid Toxic People at All Costs


Whenever someone is spewing out basic exercise tips, they are going to be telling you to avoid toxic people. Well, what exactly is a toxic person and how do they influence you?

Simply put, a toxic person is someone who is always shooting you down and making you feel bad about yourself. The last thing you need when you are trying something new, like working out, is to have someone making you feel bad for trying. Toxic people can literally make you feel bad about anything. Especially when they are an important person in your life.

You know those family dinners that you would rather avoid because there’s that one or more people there that are always giving you a hard time? They always claim they’re joking but deep down you know they are not? Well, those are the toxic people they are avoiding. And, because they are family, you cannot simply oust them from your life. But, what you can do is avoid them. WE strongly suggest that you only attend events with these family members or anyone who is toxic towards you. Especially when undertaking a new challenge like losing weight.

These people are people who have essentially given up in their life and don’t see things getting better. They realize this, and want to bring down everyone around them. Do not be another one of these people. Avoid at all costs!